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    September 7, 2011
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    September 7, 2011
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 Agave Nectar Body Lotion
Agave Nectar Body Lotion
Skin thrives with this moisturizing body cream’s fragrant, emollient-rich formula of quenching agave extract, soothing jojoba oil, moisturizing shea butter and squalane (derived from olives). Moisture-attracting glycerin conditions the skin as antioxidant vitamin E protects and helps restore its natural resiliency.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Wild Ginger
Location:Seattle, WA
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 7, 2011
I love the fresh scent that citrus brings. Agave Nectar is subtle with a sweet tangy scent. Smelling it puts a smile on my face every time. I am from Arizona originally so my skin is quite dry. The moisturizing shea butter is perfect. I live in Seattle now and the long winter days along with the rain demand a scent that takes you to a sunnier place. This natural scent takes me back to the orchards. Love it!