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    March 27, 2011
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    March 27, 2011
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 Kimono Rose Hand Creme
Kimono Rose Hand Creme
Smooth, luxuriously hydrated hands can be yours anytime with this richly moisturizing hand cream. Enriched with emollient shea butter, antioxidant vitamin E, extracts of calming rose, peony flower and balancing magnolia bark. Keep it handy for quick moisturizing touchups.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Kimono Rose
Location:Auburn, WA
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 27, 2011
I spend a lot of time sewing, knitting and working with my husband on home improvement projects, all of the above is murder on my hands. For several years I've used kimono Rose body lotion to help my hands and body stay soft and the gentle fragrance reminds me I am a girl. But the hand creme is really a WOW! It does double duty on repairing my dryed out hands. i only wish I had tried it sooner.