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    September 14, 2011
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    September 14, 2011
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 Kimono Rose Body Lotion
Kimono Rose Body Lotion
Embrace your softer side with hydrating botanicals in a rich, creamy base, beautifully layered with sheer, sensuous scent. This velvety moisturizer is enriched with shea butter, restorative vitamin E and extracts of calming rose, peony flower and balancing magnolia bark. Apply all over, and revel in an aura of unabashed femininity.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Kimono Rose
Location:Burbank, CA
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Cuddles with Smell
Date:September 14, 2011
I read about this product on a magazine and went out to try it. I'm so glad I did, the smell is sweet and crisp. I leaves your body feeling soft and is not greasy at all. I'm going to buy the rest of the collection.
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