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    August 28, 2011
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    August 28, 2011
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 Azur Home Fragrance Mist
Azur Home Fragrance Mist
This eco-friendly, VOC compliant room spray scents your home with a refreshing breeze of ocean air. Creates a welcoming environment that instantly freshens. A fresh sea spray that goes miles beyond a standard air freshener.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Azur
Location:Ontario, Canada
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Remembering the Ocean
Date:August 28, 2011
The first time I experienced the scent travelling through the room I stood
still to let it flow over me. As it did, my memory cast me back to my days
at the ocean. Not so long ago, enjoying the Florida sunshine and the
pastel shades that always make me feel calm and tranquil. What a wonderful thing to experience while peering out from my kitchen window
as the first signs of fall begin to appear. I never would have imagined that
a room fragrance could have such an affect. It is said that our sense of
smell is the most powerful and I think this product is proof of that. Can a
scent really make is feel calmer and evoke peaceful memories? Now that\
I enjoy Azur every morning as I spray it throughout the house, I say yes,