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 Kimono Rose Body Wash Travel Size
Kimono Rose Body Wash Travel Size
Rich, hydrating foam instilled with moisturizing, silkening extracts of calming rose, peony flower and balancing magnolia bark. Whether used as a shower gel or body cleanser, together they create a truly lovely experience. Take it anywhere life takes you.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Kimono Rose
Location:Ft Hood, TX
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Kimono Rose was so much more than I expected
Date:September 9, 2011
I'm sniffing the fragrance as I write this. I have FINALLY found MY fragrance. And it's taken years. I first experienced the Eucalyptus body wash in a sample sachet I got in a gift bag for pregnancy goodies about a year ago, and loved it so much, I had to have more. I found Thymes, and have gone back over and over again for more fragrances. In fact, I want to thank them for having travel sizes in all their body washes because it allowed me to experiment with different ones. And Kimono Rose is it. It's draws you in...the rose in it is barely there...and it's just not overpowering! My husband's a typical man, but even he has given Thymes' products rave reviews, too, and has found a favorite in Thymes Essentials. Thank you for being faithful to your promise, Thymes. You guys have us for life. I haven't since, and won't ever again, use any other body wash. I just can't.