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    July 28, 2011
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    July 28, 2011
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 Thymes Essentials
Thymes Essentials
Thymes Essentials - Basic in a Beautiful Way. A new collection that brings extraordinary experiences into everyday life by delivering daily doses of exhilaration. Performance-based products for face, body, hands and feet comprised of smartly streamlined formulations using only the highest quality ingredients. Portable, effective, yet simple to use. Who thought basic could be so beautiful?
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Other
Location:Punta Gorda, FL
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Clean and Fresh
Date:July 28, 2011
Wonderful fragrance you can wear this anytime, it is so refreshing makes you feel "cool and calm" as described. So far this is my favorite scent. Great for warm summer days!
Past favorite 'Green Tea & Gingko Leaves'
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