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    July 22, 2011
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    July 22, 2011
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 Azur Body Lotion
Azur Body Lotion
Nourish your skin with the restorative energy of the sea. This moisturizing body cream combines skin-conditioning sea nutrients, blended with hydrating glycerin and shea butter, to leave skin radiant.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Azur
Location:Windsor, CO
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Clean, Crisp Fragrance
Date:July 22, 2011
I love the Azur fragrance.
When I wear it I have many compliments from others. Its light airy frangrance reminds me of our tropical vacations in Mexico and Jamaica.
I have had complete strangers walk past me and say, "You smell good".
We were waiting for a table in a restaurant and as the hostess walked past, she said, "Someone sure smells good". But most importantly, my husband loves how I smell.
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