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    December 3, 2009
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 Blue Lotus Candle
Blue Lotus Candle
This decorative scented candle offers a fragrant escape to a whole new world. Layers your surroundings in a warm glow of sheer floral and tranquil marine fragrance. Makes a wonderful expression of your affection. Burns approximately 60 fragrant hours.
Favorite Thymes Fragrance:Thymes Essentials
Location:Nashville, TN
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
"I wish I could take a bath in it."
Date:December 3, 2009
To start off, I cordially dislike strong smelling candles that try and mimic smells of various baked goods and pumpkins. They are almost always a horrible mistake and I am at a loss for an explanation as to why so many people buy them.
This is not true with any of the products I have purchased from Thymes. My sister has gotten me several candles from Thymes and I have always enjoyed the very fresh and subtle sent that is surprisingly rare when it comes to candles. To be specific, she has gotten me a green tea candle, however, when looking for the same product I was shocked when I could not find it where ever I looked.
I came to the realization that I may in fact have to buy a different candle to freshen up the smell of bleach and multiple other concoctions they clean my dormitory with. So I was ensured by the owner of the shop keeper who sells Thymes brand products that this is an outstanding product. I thought I'll give it a try, while in the back of my head I'm thinking "Ok, she sells candles for a living and I seem to be the only person that has been in this store today and it's about an hour until close so she's most likely desperate for customers". I knew how great my previous products from Thymes have been so I though, eh, what the heck, I'll buy two of them just incase the disappear off the candle market.
Now, the thing about Thymes products is they are a little pricy but I've always been firm in the idea that premium products are worth the premium price. And most of the time, not all the time, but most of the time I am very satisfied with this philosophy because they seem to be of much better quality and last considerably longer.
The Thymes Blue Lotus candle is the most amazing candle I have ever purchased and I am extremely glad I did. Why? you may ask. This candle somehow blends the most brilliant and refreshing smells into a 3 inch hunk of wax you do not yet have the ability to understand. It leaves whatever room it has been burned smelling like the presence of angels are with you.
At 26 dollars a pop + tax you may be thinking this is an outrageous price for a candle! Remember that it will last quite awhile (mine is several months old and still burning like the olympic torch), well, unless you use it as a source for light. I didn't factor in the state our global economy, but in that case if you can't afford to pay your light bill then you most likely cannot afford the internet and do not know that this product even exists. Irrelevant, maybe, whatever, the fact is that it's not going to be very expensive in the long run.
Anyways, I bought one for my girlfriend and one for myself. She is from Syria and has actually seen the locus flowers of the Nile river. She tells me that if she closes her eyes while it's sent is enhancing her quality of life, that she is at the edge of the Nile river and that she is personally smelling the locus flowers. I did not say she remembers what the feeling is like, but she is actually back at home and is presently doing so.
On this note, her roommate walks into the room and demands what the smell is and then proclaims, "I want to take a bath in it".
In conclusion, guys if you think you have no chance with a woman or looking for a way to save your marriage, in other words, avoid a divorce, this will change the course of your life, as well as your marriage. And ladies....actually, I'm not really sure how it affects women since I am not actually a lady, but I assume that it's quite pleasant to burn.
I don't want to get into specifics, but my girlfriend and I separated until I bought her this candle. Now we are essentially an undying love for one another and have the potential to have many many babies. (Though we are both in school and know that abstinence is the only way to be sure we are not having kids. Except for the case of Mary and Jesus, but that's different. I'll bet she had a nice time trying to tell her parents she got pregnant but never....you know).
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